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Grounded in the Nlha’ka7pmx Nation teachings from past generations, we will conserve our lands and waters for our people today and for our next generation.

The Indigenous and cultural significance of this area stretches back over 10,000 years and is home to the Stein Valley; one of the first Indigenous-led conservation campaigns in Canadian history.

Through extensive community engagement across the territory, elders and community leaders will provide the direction and traditional knowledge to advance the core ethic of the Stein Nahatlatch Initiative. This will drive all aspects of the strategic design including applied research, governance structure development, celebration and ceremony.

The Stein Nahatlatch Initiative was founded by former Chief and Elder Byron Spinks as he follows in the footsteps of his father before him, Nathan Spinks.

The current study area will be located in South-Western British Columbia in the traditional territory of the Nlaka’pamux Nation with some overlap into bordering Nations.

The Stein Nahatlatch Initiative is a project on MakeWay’s Shared Platform.

The Stein Nahatlatch Initiative (SNI) is a project currently taking exploratory steps towards creating an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area in the territory, with the goal to formally protect and manage the land in this region using our traditional values.

The SNI is currently engaging all Indigenous people living within the study area to provide information and gather input on the proposed Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area.

Community Elders Speak about the Proposed Stein Nahatlatch Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area

Elder Charon Spinks Blessing

Why create an IPCA?

  • Increase our Indigenous title and rights to our temi’xw (land)

  • Creation and enhancement (funding) for our Indigenous Guardian and Rangers programs

  • Protection of intact pristine wilderness for traditional Indigenous use

  • Creation of Indigenous economic wealth and development through conservation and restoration finance projects

  • Protection of all five salmon species and steelhead for our future generations

  • Protection of endangered species such as, grizzly bears, spotted owls, and other vulnerable and threatened species

  • Creation of three Indigenous owned operated and managed Cultural Interpretive Centers

  • Increased funding for advanced certifications and training for our people to provide greater opportunities

  • Funding for Guardians programs to provide opportunities for everyone from youth to elders a chance to reconnect to their lands and benefit from the traditional knowledge and knowledge sharing

  • Increased overall personal health benefits

  • Increased economic benefits

  • Increased community Nlaka’pamuxcheen language documentation and language classes

  • Increased funding for food security issues and training

  • Increased protection of land for spiritual and ceremonial rights

Stein Nahatlatch Initiative in the News

Coming Events

Stein Nahatlatch Initiative Declaration Ceremony


Tuckkwiowhum Village
46292 Tuckkwiowhum Rd,
Boston Bar, BC

A ceremonial event to declare the proposed Stein Nahatlatch Study Area.

This declaration is to be a step toward greater sovereignty for our Nlaka’pamux people and an opportunity to regain our culture, language and heritage. The elders from the territory will be given an opportunity to also describe the health, economic and overall benefits for our people.

Past Events